The following is the introduction to the Haywood Road Corridor Plan that was proposed by the Citizens of West Asheville and prepared by the Asheville Planning and Development Department on May 25, 1999. The full PDF of the plan is available as well as the included maps.

Haywood Road Corridor Plan


Similar to the Hendersonville Road Corridor Plan adopted in March of 1993 and the Charlotte Street Small Area Plan adopted in March of 1999, the Haywood Road Corridor Plan will serve as a guide for future development and improvements along Haywood Road. The purpose of this plan is to provide a detailed view of future land use and growth patterns in the corridor study area. Community input meetings examined previously compiled information and existing plans to reach a consensus within the community to determine the direction future development should take. The participation bf the business community, neighborhood associations, and churches throughout the planning process was a clear statement of the concern about the future of the corridor. The assumption used in preparing this plan was that community involvement and support is essential. Involving ommunity and business representatives and other stakeholders before the plan is drafted strengthens the support and implementation of the recommendations. Neighborhoods support businesses that serve the local needs through improved pedestrian and bicycle access. Communities will support land use policies that allow businesses to continue and prosper. Neighborhood integrity and lack of commercial intrusion into established neighborhoods is a strong concern on both sides of Haywood Road. Quality landscaping and retaining the old building facades and signage is in keeping with the historic nature and future vision of the area. Amenities with a common theme, landscaping, recreational facilities, and easy pedestrian access will serve to continue to keep this community together. A substantial etlort will be made ti’om year to year to move the existing utilities underground. Community cohesion and consistent character is desired along Haywood Road and between the neighborhoods that adjoin it. The key to business retention and community cohesion is improved and adequately maintained infrastructure. Landscaping, shared access, shared parking, and uniform buffering can work together to unify the business areas and avoid the strip commercial development that exists on other corridors. Loading areas and waste disposal areas should be buffered to eliminate negative impacts on the overall image of the corridor and the adjacent neighborhoods. Pedestrian scale street lighting and street signs should blend with and be compatible with the existing designs of the area. Upon adoption by City Council, the Haywood Road Corridor Plan will become part of the Asheville City Plan: 2010. As such, the plan will be used by the community and city staff in making decisions related to the future of Haywood Road and land development of adjacent properties and neighborhoods. (see location map)


1999 Haywood Road_Plan maps

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