Our community has been exceptionally proactive in supporting local businesses during the COVID pandemic. The Asheville Chamber of Commerce Asheville Chamber of Commerce COVID Resource Guide and Buncombe County Government  Bumcombe COVID-19 Information and Preparedness websites have a wealth of resources for businesses in different phases of operations.

The WABA Board has received regular communication from Asheville city planning staff about strategies being developed for businesses on Haywood Road. The City is continuing discussions with NCDOT regarding the use of right of way, and has clarified that they will not be allowing parklets (on Haywood/or any NCDOT managed streets) that are intended for private use, such as dedicated outdoor dining or retail. They will, however, allow that area to be used for public use. This could include a parklet intended for anyone’s use to be shared by businesses. Another idea is for businesses to expand commercial activities by creating temporary, ADA accessible extensions of the sidewalk in the on-street parking spaces in front of those businesses. This would result in pedestrians having to walk around the dining via the new sidewalk (i.e a deck flush to curb) They are looking for feedback on this proposal so please let us know what your thoughts and ideas are.

 Businesses can also request to use their private parking lots, landscape areas, and walkways to expand operations in alignment with public health guidelines. Fill out this online request form to request expanded use of private property.

It has been very impressive to see how creative many of you have gotten with your outdoor spaces. Let us know how WABA can support your efforts!

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