Posted Friday, June 27, 2014 on the New Belgium Brewing website.
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Thank you for your patience as we continue with pile driving on site to stabilize the foundation for our brewery and Liquid Center on Craven Street in West Asheville. We are moving as efficiently as possible to complete the process.  The construction process is, at times, unpredictable, altering timelines and processes day by day and sometimes even hour by hour. If you have questions or want to talk in person, please get in touch by phone or email..


Deep Foundation Piles for the Liquid Center (South end of the site) – Anticipated neighborhood impact: 4 of 5 (noise and trucks)

  • This process has begun and ideally it will last for a 2-weeks, with completion by mid-July.  We’re finding we need deeper piles than we anticipated on the LC site (the South end of the site), and this process may take longer than expected. While we aim to be done by mid-July, we may need through the end of July.

Concrete foundation work – Anticipated neighborhood impact: 2 of 5 (trucks along Riverside and Craven)

  • Foundation work has begun and runs through the first of next year.  You will see increased trucks along Riverside Dr. and Craven St., and you may see some on Haywood Rd.  You will see material deliveries on site and trucks hauling dirt.
  • We were able to use more dirt from the site than we expected, so we’ll be hauling less dirt to the site, meaning fewer trucks.


  • Soil Stabilization + Improvement and Floodplain Mitigation
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Flood Plain Mitigation
  • Routing Fill Dirt on Riverside Drive


  • Craven Street (City project) – anticipated start by end of July/August
  • Setting Steel and Building Malt Silos—Fall
  • Precast Walls will begin to go up this Fall and continue through 2015


If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to talk with you.  Email us at or leave us a voice mail at 888-598-9552 or locally 828-333-6900.  We will get back with you.  Also, you can find answers to FAQs here.

Please be aware, this is an active and secured construction site.  Thank you for respecting the safety boundaries of the site.


  • Weather conditions and unforeseen site surprises will impact work efficiency.
  • The standard work week is five days.  While our target is to work Monday through Friday, schedule delays will cause the work week to extend into the weekend on occasion (with Sunday being the rare occasion).  Work will begin no earlier than 7 AM on weekday, as per City Noise Ordinance, and we extend it from 7 AM to 8 AM on Saturdays.
  • We will not be working on the Brewery site on Craven Street from July 4-6, 2014.

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