As a West Asheville property owner, I can’t emphasis enough how disturbing getting tagged with graffiti is. Thanks to The graffiti clean up program at Asheville Greenworks the most recent and difficult tagging incident at my property has been resolved. Please contact Asheville Greenworks as soon as you locate new graffiti. They will come out and facilitate abating the issue. In addition, do what you can to support this organization and this program. – Mimi Strang, West Asheville business owner

The West Asheville Business Association helped sponsor a meeting on June 28 to discuss graffiti issues in West Asheville. Many good suggestions were made and information was shared with everyone who attended. If you were not able to attend the important things to remember are:

1) Report it immediately to the Asheville Police Department at 828-252-1110.
2) Once an APD officer has taken a report and the graffiti has been photographed for their database remove the graffiti as soon as possible. Asheville Greenworks has a program for graffiti removal and can help in this step with their expertise. Asheville Greenworks can be reached at 828-251-1776. If the graffiti is not on private property, you can contact the City of Asheville Department of Public Works at 828-251-1122.
3) Notify the West Asheville Community Resource Officers that the graffiti has been removed. When they know this they can keep a watch on these spots for future graffiti activity. West Asheville Community Resource Officers are Josh Simpson and Chad McCall and they can be reached at 828-251-4032.

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