A full version of the memo detailing mobile food vending considerations can be found here.

Mobile Vending Ordinance Considerations Summary

Generated by the City of Asheville Planning and Development (draft 5/6/11)

The mobile food vending policy is proposed to be a City-wide policy:

It would apply to commercial districts that allows restaurant uses.  It is possible that there could be CBD –specific regulations just like there could be Biltmore Village-regulations etc. The object of the ordinance is to make the rules clearer about what is required for permanent mobile food vending locations and the individual vendors themselves.

Consensus Items of 20 the Stakeholder Group:

  • No roaming and vending
  • No use of on-street parking spaces  or right-of-way areas for vending
  • Food sales occur from a private permitted parcel
  • All Buncombe County Health Department Regulations are followed:
    Trucks inspected multiple times per year
    The truck permit must be linked with a restaurant or commissary
    The truck must leave the site each day for cleanup and storage
    The truck is treated like a mobile restaurant
  • Mobile vending policy wholesale jerseys will only allow wholesale jerseys food sales (services or merchandise not permitted)

Approvals will entail two separate permits, one for the parcel and one for the individual vendor as follows:

The Parcel:

The owner submits an application for a permit for the parcel noting the number of mobile food vendors (up to 5)

A site plan is submitted including:

  • Access and egress, manuevering
  • Spacing between mobile vendors 10 feet, setbacks are also considered for fire safety
  • Basic landscaping required for area of cheap mlb jerseys impact
  • Sidewalk to the site needs to be in place
  • If the zoning district requires off-street parking then two parking spaces must be available for customers
  • Consider the other parking demands for shared uses on the site (if applicable)

Approvals are considered a permanent use

The Truck:

The mobile food vendor submits an application including:

  • Compliance with Health Department Requirements
  • Referencing the parcel used wholesale nfl jerseys for the operation of the truck or trailer
  • If more than one site is required then a separate permit is required
  • Display of permits required
  • Signage allowed but not unlimited
  • Must close between 2:30 AM and 6 AM

Approvals are renewable annually for each vendor

Temporary Uses:

There exists now in the UDO a separate provision for mobile food sales to occur on most commercial properties on a temporary basis except for areas zoned CBD.

  • Temporary uses are limited to a maximum of 180 days per year for each Forms, parcel
  • The 180 permitted days are not required to be consecutive days
  • This applies Discount to any commercial zoned parcel except CBD zoned areas
  • No site improvements required, but the site access and maneuvering is considered
  • A food truck vendor can apply for multiple sites
  • Hours are limited to 6 AM – 10 PM
  • Basically only one temporary use is cheap nfl jerseys allowed per parcel and trucks may renew annually

A full version of the memo new detailing March mobile food vending considerations can be found here.

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