New Belgium Brewing will be having an early morning concrete pour May 12, 2015 starting at 4 a.m. You may see activity on the site by 3 a.m. Thank you, once again, for your patience.

Packaging and Kegging Hall Concrete Floor- Anticipated neighborhood impact: 3 of 5 (noise/extended work hours)

Saturday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 12– Morning Concrete Pour– site active by about 3 a.m. and pouring starting around 4 a.m. and lasting about 10-12 hours. To have enough time to pour and set the amount of concrete needed for the packaging hall floor, we have obtained City permits to start pouring concrete in the early morning. There will be generators and light towers, as well as back up beeping from the trucks. The actual work will occur inside the building.

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