MAY 2014:  Preparing site for building construction

Anticipated neighborhood impact: 4 of 5 (noise and trucks)

The focus remains on preparing the site for building construction, and the end of this phase is in sight!  Although the early-spring wet weather caused schedule delays, we’ve been able to use more dirt from the “upper” half of the site (i.e. between Haywood Road and Penland Creek) than was expected.  This has decreased the need for off-site soil and delayed its delivery until now.

Soil Import – To continue to raise the site out of the flood plain, the importing of soil is scheduled to begin this week with a 2-week duration (weather dependent, of course).  The truck traffic will be heavy, with almost all trucks using Riverside Drive to get to and from the site.

Looking Ahead

  • Deep Foundation Piles – anticipated start on May 19th with a 5-week duration.  This work will be loud.
  • Site Grading – will continue into late June.
  • Building Foundations – will begin in early June.
  • Craven Street (City project)– anticipated start in mid-June.


  • The standard work week is five days.  While the target is to work Monday through Friday, schedule delays will cause the work week to extend into the weekend on occasion (with Sunday being the rare occasion).
  • Work will begin no earlier than 7 AM on weekdays and 8 AM on the weekend.


Please be aware, this is an active and secured construction site.  Thank you for respecting the safety boundaries of the site.


If you have questions or concerns, please send us an email or leave us a voicemail at 828-333-6900.  We will get back with you.  Also, you can find answers to FAQs at

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