New Belgium Brewing announced on March 28th the list of vendors scheduled to supply brewing process and packaging equipment for its Asheville facility slated to come online in 2015. Brewhouse, cold block, filtration and finishing systems will come from GEA Brewing Systems GmbH. All fermentation and storage vessels will come from Ziemann International GmbH. Kuenzel Maschinenbau GmbH will supply the malt storage and handling systems. Albert Handtmann Armaturenfabrik & Co GmbH will supply the process equipment for fermentation and yeast cellars. The bottle line will be supplied by KHS-USA.

“It was a difficult decision with so many qualified suppliers so we went with those who could best fulfill our needs, and we couldn’t be more excited about where we’ve landed,” said New Belgium Technical Director, Jim Spencer. “Every one of these contractors has years of experience designing world-class brewing systems and we are fortunate to be able to tap into their deep reserves of talent and knowledge.”

New Belgium is currently working to rehabilitate the brownfield site where it will locate its second brewing facility in Asheville, North Carolina. All projections show the brewery coming online in early 2015.

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