Western Carolina Chiropractic specialized in  Cervical Chiropractic- A specialized chiropractic technique focused on removing interference and pressure from the top of the neck to improve the nervous system’s ability to communicate health to the rest of the body. They have many services to choose from on their website where you can also schedule an appointment.

Point of Sales Strategies is a retail and e-commerce consulting firm based in West Asheville.
Amanda Dinan helps clients

  • Determine the best merchandise assortment to drive profitability and sales for your stores
  • Optimize e-commerce websites with SEO and online merchandising strategies
  • Create automated reporting systems to develop and monitor sales goals
  • Offer hourly consultations on SEO, Merchandising, Product Sourcing, Google Analytics, or Retail Data Analytics

 She chose West Asheville “because of the amazing small businesses on Haywood”. She says “it  has been such a lovely community to live and work in.”
Currently, She is  working with Playdate Goods and Garden Party in West Asheville. She says “I’d love to get to know more of the small business owners in the community and would love to grab a coffee sometime”!

Matt Eisenberg, General Manager of Car Park says they offer parking management solutions throughout the Asheville area. Formerly McLaurin Parking, they “have been operating continuously in town for more than 30 years, but  are bringing a new focus on technology and customer service to dramatically improve the parking experience for our customers and our clients. We operate a handful of parking lots in West Asheville and we are looking forward to forging new relationships in the region.”

Tarelton and Seth opened up Garden Party to create a shop that supported everyday wellness including CBD, with a living room vibe that welcomes customers in.

Hummingbird Insurance has a local office in West Asheville and looks forward to working with businesses to provide group or individual health coverage.

Brad Brevard, Branch manager of United Federal Credit Union was excited to rejoin WABA because he loves all the “diversity, local restaurants, artists, and sense of community” that makes West Asheville a great place to have a business.

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