Hello amazing volunteers, it is time for the last Haywood Road Clean Up Day of the year!!

Join us on SATURDAY, November 2, 2019 as we focus on the west end of Haywood Road.

Date: SATURDAY, November 2, 2019
Time: 10am breakfast – 10:30am clean up starts
Location: Westville Pub, 777 Haywood Road

Please RSVP below.

Breakfast provided by: Westville Pub, Sunny Point Café, and Biscuit head

Post Clean Up Rewards: Choose a post Clean Up beer (21 and up) from All Sevens Brewing or an ice cream coupon from The Hop West available for those who are too young or don’t wish to have a beer!

What is a Clean Up Day? How do you participate? Is this a family-friendly event? How long is the clean up? What is for breakfast? Should you bring anything? What happens at the end?

Read on for answers to these questions below.

What is a Haywood Road Clean Up Day?
A morning where volunteers work to pick up trash and recycling along the Haywood Road corridor with the support of Asheville GreenWorks. We alternate between the east end and west end of the road. (Clean Up Days this year are on March 31, June 1, September 7, and November 2, 2019.)

How do you participate?

1-RSVP, especially if you are bringing multiple people with you
2-Show up at 10am at Westville Pub
3-Eat some breakfast
4-Gear up with gloves, safety vest, bags, and tools
5-Head out to pick up trash and recycling along the corridor and side streets
6-Finish at ALL SEVENS BREWING (Westville Pub) to return gloves, vests, tools and pick up your ice cream coupon or free beer (21 and up)!

Is this a family-friendly event?
Yes, although not recommended for very small children. Haywood Road is a busy street and it is important that you and your children stay alert and safe throughout the clean up. An adult signature on the Asheville GreenWorks waiver form is required.

How long is the clean up?
Generally volunteers are out about 1.5 hours, so you should expect to finish up about noon.

What is for breakfast?
Westville Pub, Sunny Point Café, and Biscuit Head are donating delicious breakfast items for volunteers including scrambled eggs, potatoes, breakfast meats and veggie options, biscuits, juice, and coffee. WABA will also be proving fresh fruit.

Should you bring anything?
Asheville GreenWorks will supply gloves (adult size), safety vests, and trash bags for everyone. They’ll also have a limited supply of tools. Madden’s Ace Hardware has donated 10 trash grabbers to WABA, so those along with some brooms will be available.

If you have your own grabber, a flat-headed shovel, or industrial broom, we recommend you bring it.

What happens at the end?
Finish up back at Westville Pub and return items you borrowed from Asheville GreenWorks, or WABA to receive a coupon good for a scoop of ice cream at The Hop West or a beer (21 and up) from ALL SEVENS BREWING!

We look forward to seeing you! Remember to RSVP.

Your support of the businesses that support these clean up days is greatly appreciated.

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