The Southeastern Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (SASHTO) will meet in Asheville August 24-28, 2013. This meeting will bring over 1,000 attendees to Asheville and they have worked with the Convention & Visitor Center to set up a unique way of encouraging attendees to support locally owned, independent businesses in Asheville.

The organization is offering a program called SASHTO Dollars to help its attendees enjoy shopping and dining in Asheville. Each delegate will receive $25, in $5 increments, in SASHTO Dollars. Guests of delegates will receive $20 SASHTO Dollars. The dollars will have dollar-for-dollar face value, no discount is involved, and will be redeemable at participating businesses. Businesses will then redeem the SASHTO Dollars for their full cash value with a SASHTO representative stationed at the Asheville Visitor Center.

Businesses must register to participate by June, 28, 2013. If your business would like to participate, please fill in the SASHTO Dollar Program 2013 Form document HERE and send it to Carli Adams ( by June, 28, 2013.

In addition, to show their commitment to our local community and their love of Asheville, SASHTO has purchased 800 Go Local Cards for their participants to use during their stay! A special sticker on these cards will allert you that they are conference attendees. For more details, please visit Asheville Grown.

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