Earlier this summer West Asheville Business Association joined many local and state-wide organizations in voicing opposition to Section 7 of HB44.We are pleased to say that section was removed from the bill and will not become law.

Section 7 of HB44 would have restricted the advancement of bicycle infrastructure in North Carolina by imposing unnecessary oversight and hindering potential public/private partnerships within our local community. Furthermore it would have been counterproductive to NCDOT’s measures to improve public safety on our roads and NCDOT’s Complete Street Policy.

Locally, the efforts to oppose this section was spearheaded by Asheville on Bikes and state-wide by BikeWalk NC.

WABA wrote letters to Senator Terry Van Duyn and Representative Susan C. Fisher, both responding that they were in agreement with our position and would be voicing their opposition.

Thank you to the many, many groups and individuals that contacted their representatives to voice opposition to Section 7 of HB44.

PDF copies of those letters can be read here: WABA-Opposition-Sec7-HB44-Van-Duyn and WABA-Opposition-Sec7-HB44-Fisher

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