The first major storm of the year is here. Be safe everyone.

Starting Friday morning, City of Asheville Public Works will pre-treat all priority 1 roads and many priority 2 streets. This includes Haywood Road, State Street, Louisiana Avenue, Westwood Place, Brevard Road, Sand Hill Road, Sulphur Springs Road, Johnston Blvd, Deaverview Road, and Amboy Road. NCDOT is responsible for Patton Avenue and I-240/26.

Here is a link to the City’s snow removal priority map. Primary roads have to be the priority for snow removal to ensure they are passable for our emergency responders.

Streets crews anticipate working around the clock as the storm moves in.

In addition, Public Works will pre-treat all sidewalks that the City of Asheville is responsible for and will remove snow from them as the storm moves in. This includes special efforts around the U.S. Cellular Center, which is hosting the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam Friday-Saturday.

Please remember, businesses are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks in front of their location. Keeping your sidewalk clear throughout the storm provides for safe pedestrian access to your business while you are open, and safe passage for those walking by later. Prompt removal will also be easier than after the snow has been packed down. Be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalks!

Sign up for AVL Alert.

Stay up to date on street closings, water outages and other emergency and non-emergency information by signing up for AVL Alert, the City of Asheville’s citizen notification system.

Messages can come to your cellphone, email or through a phone call. You can get alerts for multiple addresses to keep up with aging parents, for example.

See video with how-to steps for registering online with AVL Alert.

Register now, before an emergency comes our way!

ART bus service: Where to get information about potential route impacts due to snow.

Realizing that snow predicted for this weekend may affect ART bus service, the City of Asheville wants to share the many ways people can get information about potential bus delays or service cancellations.

“Our goal is always to keep our buses running and on schedule but sometimes we need to balance that with safety, particularly in snow or icy road situations,” said Transportation Assistant Director Jessica Morriss.

In the case of changes to ART services riders can get the most up-to-date information here:

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