AVL City Updates

Asheville Shares Space has been an essential program for businesses to expand for COVID precautions. City staff surveyed businesses that used an AVL Shares Space program, and the consensus is that the program has been well-liked, and they would like to continue it. The next step for the program is for staff to take some time to transition the program from a short-term response to the pandemic into a longer-term program fairly and equitably.This is the full Council presentation

Private Property:

Development Services has already started to reach out directly, but business owners can fill out the form and contact development services via email at PAC@ashevillenc.gov or via phone at 828-259-5846.

Public Sidewalks:

For expansions onto public sidewalks, they will need to apply for an outdoor dining permit (or here). If they are unsure of which permit application to submit, they can use the above-listed contact information, or they can use the Development Portal to schedule a meeting with a Development Services staff member.
Parklets & Shared Streets:: Not available on DOT roads like Haywood.

Curbside Pick-Up:

The 10-minute curbside pick-up zones were scheduled to revert to regular parking (metered parking downtown & unmetered parking in West Asheville). Still, no final decision has been made yet. Businesses can contact parking@ashevillenc.gov for questions regarding curbside pick-up.

Winter Guidelines:

Here is the most recent AVL Shares Space winter guideline document. Please let me know if you have any trouble opening it & I will try to send it another way.

Haywood Road Repaving Project
The City’s Transportation and Communications Departments and DOT will schedule a virtual public engagement meeting for the end of January or early February.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds
Applicants have been invited to give a 2 minute presentation to City Council during work sessions on February 1 and 2 from 11-1PM. sessions will be streamed live through public input and youtube.
For more information see the ARPA Project Page or email ARPA-RFP@ashevillenc.gov.

The deadline for applications for the commission is extended through January 15, and appointment announcements are expected by the end of February.

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