ASHEVILLE – Graffiti hurts communities and drives down business and neighborhood development. That’s why the City of Asheville’s 123 Graffiti Free campaign approaches the problem from the idea that quick removal is the best deterrent.

With updated civil fines for graffiti offenders in place since April, and the $500 graffiti removal assistance program operating since July 1, the City is now in the process of  mailing notices to property owners that still have graffiti on their buildings to inform them that the graffiti is in violation of the City’s ordinance.

Property owners will have seven days after receipt of the letter to remove or cover the graffiti, and can still take advantage of a $500 graffiti removal assistance program offered by the City if they have not already done so. The property owner can also appeal the decision within seven days. If no action is taken, the City will issue notices of violation and take steps to remove the graffiti at the owner’s expense.

“This has been a huge community outreach effort,” said Cathy Ball, the City’s Executive Director of Planning and Multimodal Transportation. “Graffiti affects us all, and the cooperation of property owners in removing it is a big part of eradicating graffiti.”

Letters will be sent to known addresses via both certified and regular mail during November and December, with Public Works personnel following up with inspections after seven days of the letter’s receipt.

For more information on the 123 Graffiti Free initiative, go to the City of Asheville Projects Page at

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