Please join us for an informative General Meeting on
Tuesday, September 20, 9:30-11:30am, at Isis Restaurant & Music Hall, 743 Haywood Road.


  • I-260/240 Update from NCDOT
  • Asheville Workplace Challenge
  • Smith Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project
  • City of Asheville Bond Referendum Overview


  • 9:30 am Coffee & Networking
  • 10:00 am Program Starts

    • 10:05 am: Asheville Workplace Challenge
    • 10:15 am: Smith Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project
    • 10:25 am: I-26/240 Update from NCDOT
    • 11:20 am: City of Asheville Bond Referendum Overview
  • 11:30 am End Meeting

More about our topics and guest speakers.

I-260/240 Update from NCDOT

Michael Wray, PE, Project Planning Engineer, Western Region, in the Project Development & Environmental Analysis Unit for North Carolina Department of Transportation joins us for an update on I-26/240. He will cover topics of specific concern to our West Asheville businesses.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Project Overview
    1. Brief overview of NEPA Process
    2. Project History
    3. Project Study Area and Alternative Selected
  3. Compatibility with Local Area Plans
  4. Business Impacts
    1. Direct
    2. Indirect
  5. Construction Impacts/Constructability
    1. Haywood Road Corridor
    2. Patton Avenue Corridor
  6. Next Steps
    1. Design Refinements/LOS Standards/Process
    2. Final EIS

image001Asheville Workplace Challenge

The City of Asheville and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to launch the Asheville Workplace Challenge, a free self-assessment tool that gives local businesses ways to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Through the Asheville Workplace Challenge, businesses can increase awareness of environmental issues and reduce energy use, water consumption and waste. Businesses that join the Challenge can improve their operations and reduce costs and have an opportunity to become part of a larger network with similar sustainability goals that will provide support and recognition along the way. The Workplace Challenge will track a company’s progress and provide resources to guide them through their sustainability journey. Participating businesses will have the opportunity to win prizes and awards and be recognized for efforts as a leader in sustainability.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes throughout Western North Carolina are encouraged to participate. Award winners must be located in Buncombe County.

Haley Mahoney, Sustainability Technician in the Office of Sustainability for the City of Asheville joins us to explain the program and answer your questions about engaging your business.

For more info, visit

Smith Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project

The Smith Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project is an initiative to improve surface water quality in Smith Mill Creek. Wildlands Engineering is leading the technical and outreach side of a watershed planning process for the project.

Jake McLean, Water Resource Engineer and Project Manager at Wildlands Engineering joins us to clarify the purpose of the project and opportunities for your business to engage in planning and implementation of water quality practices that improve our streams and neighborhoods.

WABA’s recent work with RiverLink to label storm drains and our ongoing Haywood Road Clean Up Days are examples of watershed service activities Wildlands Engineering is documenting.

The Smith Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project is a partnership between RiverLink, the City of Asheville, and NC Department of Transportation. The Watershed Restoration Plan will be an EPA Nine-Element Plan and will address nine specific elements critical to restoring a watershed.

For more details, see their Facebook page or the following resources.

Crowdsourcing App (report issues and opportunities):
General Map (observe the data available for SMC):
Journal Map (learn about the project):

City of Asheville Bond Referendum Overview presented by Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Staff

In August, the Asheville City Council approved a general obligation bond referendum that would generate $74 million for public improvements financed by the bonds. The public improvements are divided into three categories, Housing Affordability, Parks & Recreation, and Streets, Sidewalks & Bike Lanes. Voters will vote separately on each category.

The list of projects includes only capital projects that are the direct responsibility of city government. They do not include schools, libraries, or other projects that are the direct responsibility of county and state government.

The proposed projects align with the strategic focus areas adopted by City Council. The Parks and Recreation Bonds would address the strategic focus of promoting a healthy environment and the Housing Affordability bonds would address the strategic focus on creating livable neighborhoods. The bonds for Streets, Sidewalks and Bike Lanes would address the strategic focus on providing quality transportation.

Staff from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce join us to provide an overview of the bond referendum and ask for our endorsement.

Detailed information about the bond referendum, including interactive maps, is available on the City of Asheville website.

Many thanks to Isis Restaurant & Music Hall for hosting us and providing coffee!

Parking for Isis is available on the east side of the Isis building – the entrance to the parking lot is off Dunwell Avenue (Brevard Road becomes Dunwell Avenue after it crosses Haywood Road) behind Biscuit Head. Additional parking is available along Haywood Road.

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