The GroWNC team is pleased to announce the initial launch of a set of online tools to help turn the ideas generated through GroWNC into actions. These tools include:

Strategy Toolkit – Includes almost 300 action strategies that can be searched by key words or filtered by theme, topic, or scale.

Interactive MapViewer – Allows layers of data to be placed over a map of the region to create a visualization that can be used to investigate the relationships between the diverse elements that make up the GroWNC region.

You may also be interested in the GroWNC Regional Plan, a narrative report describing the planning process and outlining the recommendations and strategies, and the GroWNC Executive Summary. More details about the planning process-including information on community input, events, administration, funding, development of the regional vision and “Preferred Scenario,” and a large collection of regional maps and posters-can be found on the GroWNC website.

Please take a look at these tools, provide your feedback on the Ideas page, and help turn your community’s ideas into actions.

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