Saturday, January 24th 2015
10am to 2pm
1298 Patton Ave, West Asheville

Please review the pdf flier for accepted items at this Hard 2 Recycle event:

Founded in 2011 by Rainbow Recycling, Hard 2 Recycle events are free to the public collections geared to bring awareness to other modes of recycling to our area. Four quarterly held collections to cover the four corners of the County and one central event in Downtown Asheville.

Their goal is to educate, collect and divert items that would normally end up in the Landfill i.e Styrofoam, Electronics, Books, Batteries, Cooking Oil and much more.

Click HERE to signup for the Hard 2 Recycle event newsletter.
Or HERE if you would like to Volunteer or become a sponsor for one of the events.

Please see the Asheville GreenWorks website for more information.

Paint, stains, sealers, CFL / Fluorescent / incandescent bulbs; petroleum products; hard
plastics; vinyl / PVC; / VHS / cassette tapes; plate glass, foam; wooden items or cement.

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