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Last Meeting: January 23

Next Agenda Briefing: February 1  

  • The agenda for briefing to be posted here
  • The next City Council meeting will be held on February 13

Neighborhood Resources

Need more information on resources provided by the City of Asheville? Visit the City’s Neighborhood Resources page to get connected with the services you need. The page includes information on a wide range of services, including 

  • Streets, sidewalks, and other public infrastructure
  • Trash, Recycling & Collection Services
  • Snow Removal
  • The enforcement of City ordinances 

Follow-up from the meeting

  • Citizens Police Academy
    • The course consists of basic classroom instruction, presentations, and demonstrations of topics such as criminal investigations, constitutional and criminal law, use of force, departmental structure, and defensive tactics. Participants will also be given the opportunity to ride along with an officer and participate in simulated weapons training. Those wishing to participate must apply and be accepted.
  • Development Portal
    • Asheville’s Development Portal allows members of the public to search for and examine commercial and residential permits applied for through the City. 
    • You may find publicly available information on properties you are interested in by searching for the address of said property, such as “680 Haywood Road”. 
  • Affordable Housing Plan
    • Affordable Housing Plan events and public survey: The City is in the process of creating an Affordable Housing Plan that will guide City investments for the next 5-10 years. On January 27 there will be two Community Open Houses in which the public is invited to provide input (see attached flyer). The City can gain a deeper understanding of the public’s need for affordable housing by listening to the personal experiences of our community members. 
    • Take the survey; flyer for open houses is attached.
  • Issues related to homelessness
    • Download the City of Asheville app for your smartphone to report homeless encampments and request assistance from community responders as a first response to encounters with the unhoused population.  
    • Asheville App: Get assistance with the App and learn more about requesting services 
  • Annual point in time count 1/30-1/31
    • Sign up for the City of Asheville’s Point in Time Cout (PIT) to assist the City in surveying the City’s unhoused population
    • Data collected during this event is used to help the City and our community partners better serve our unhoused population
  • Question about Spivey Mountain Spivey Mountain is a County project
    • Reach out to the County for clarification, but 2027 may be the start of improvements being made to the park
    • Contact Info – parks@buncombecounty.org – (828) 250-4260

Find more information on the aftermath of the incident here

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