New Belgium Brewing released a frequently asked questions flyer on October 1st,  about their new brewery to be built in West Asheville. The complete flyer can be downloaded here, and the text of the flyer is included below.

Accurate as of October 1, 2012

“There were easier sites to develop but we chose this site because it’s beautiful, we think we can do a lot to restore It, and we believe that breweries, classified as light manufacturing, can help revitalize a neighborhood, while providing great live-walk-bike opportunities for employees who will, in large measure, come from Asheville.”

– Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium


A few quick facts

• BREWERY We are building a brewery on the former Stockyard Site on Craven Street in West Asheville. The site is about 18 acres.

• HIRING Long-term, we will be hiring upwards of 150 people, starting with about 50 in 2014.

• GREENWAY We are supporting greenway development along the French Broad River and throughout the County.

• TENTATIVE TIME LINE We hope to be deconstructing buildings on the site by the end of this year, starting site work early 2013, and starting construction late summer 2013. Brewing equipment will arrive in 2014. Hiring starts in 2014. Saleable beer will be brewed in early 2015.

• CRAVEN STREET The City of Asheville is doing infrastructure improvements to Craven Street For more information: Cathy Ball, City of Asheville Public Works Director, 828-259-5939 http://tinyurlcom/9vwd7nz

• HAYWOOD ROAD The NC Department of Transportation is doing improvements to Haywood Road. For more information: Chad Bandy, NC DOT District Engineer, 828-298-2741

Stay in touch & Get involved

Join a business or neighborhoad association or group. To develop closer relationships with our immediate neighbors, we are getting together with the boards of official neighborhood and business associations adjacent to our site. These neighborhood and business associations are serving as a communication conduit to/from the City of Asheville and New Belgium. If you a like to form a neighborhood association or find out if there is one available in your area, please contact Marsha Stickford from the City of Asheville: (828) 259- 5506.

Currently participating: East West Asheville Neighborhood Association, WECAN, West Asheville Business Association, River Arts District Business Association, Southside Community Advisory Board, Green Opportunities, Hall Fletcher Neighborhood Association, River Arts District Artist Association, Asheville on Bikes, Asheville Riverfront Redevelopment Coalition Look for signs. We will have a sign at the site with updates about the construction process.

Want to know more?

This information was accurate as of October 1, 2012. This is an ongoing construction process, so things may change. For the most up-to-date information:

Something specific?

Email us at or contact your neighborhood or business associations.

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