Concrete Foundation WorkAnticipated neighborhood impact: 3 of 5 (expanded work hours and concrete trucks)

  • Foundation work has begun and runs through the first of next year.  You will see increased trucks along Riverside Dr. and Craven St., and you may see some on Haywood Rd.  You will see material deliveries and trucks on site.
  • We have obtained a permit from the City for expanded work hours for concrete work. The expanded hours are necessary due to a schedule delay with concrete preparation and a hard date for sections of the concrete to be complete by September 15 for building the Malt Silo. Details of expanded hours:

Friday, August 8– Morning Concrete Pour– permitted for early start, pouring starting around 5 a.m. and lasting about 4 hours. We hope to avoid rain with an early start.

Upcoming Sunday work – There may be concrete work on Sundays between August 10 – September 21, between 8:30 AM and through about 5:30 PM.


  • Soil Stabilization + Improvement and Floodplain Mitigation
  • Site Grading
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Flood Plain Mitigation
  • Routing Fill Dirt on Riverside Drive


  • Craven Street Improvements (City project) – continuing
  • Setting Steel and Building Malt Silos—Fall
  • Precast Walls will begin to go up this Fall and continue through 2015


The standard work week is five days.  While the target is to work Monday through Friday, schedule delays will cause the work week to extend into the weekend on occasion (with Sunday being the rare occasion).  Without City approval, work will begin no earlier than 7 AM on weekdays and 8 AM on the weekend.


Please be aware, this is an active and secured construction site.  Thank you for respecting the safety boundaries of the site.


Please e-mail us at AshevilleBrewery@NewBelgium.com or leave us a voice mail at 828-333-6900.  We will get back with you.  Also, find answers to FAQs

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