ADDENDUM: We have an addendum to the recent site update. This Saturday morning, we will be pouring concrete floors inside the packaging and kegging halls. The site will become active at 3 a.m. and the pour will begin around 4 a.m. We need to extend the work hours in order to pour the volume of concrete necessary. Once again and always, thank you for your patience as we complete this brewery.  More here:

We hope this finds you well and enjoying spring. Thank you for all your cooperation as this construction process continues. The roofs are on, the vessels are in, the brew house windows are going in, the tasting room is coming out of the ground, hardscaping will begin soon, and we’re on schedule to brew by the end of this year.

Neighbors, the more difficult news to report is that we need to do some additional pile driving starting in early May and running intermittently for a month. Revitalizing a brownfield has it’s challenges, including more pile driving than we were expecting. We apologize for this change in plans and wish that there was an alternative. The piles will stabilize the ground for a retaining wall that will be built just north of the restored Penland Creek. Expect pauses in the process. We will drive 10-15 piles at a time, then move, grade and set up another batch. That means there may be a day or two between when you hear pile driving. We’re grateful it’s a temporary process and for your patience.

More information is here. As always, call or email me if you have questions.

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