Here’s a reminder about how to stay informed about the New Belgium Asheville brewery – direct from the source.


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Quick Facts:

  • Site preparation begins in November 2013 runs through Spring 2014
  • Groundbreaking and building begins in Spring 2014 runs through Winter 2015
  • Hiring begins in late Winter 2015
  • Brewing beer in Asheville by the end of 2015
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New Belgium Asheville Website (bookmark it for easy access to info)

The website includes:

Site Stories + Updates  If you want site updates, this is where you’ll find them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These questions are pulled from meetings with community leaders, as well as when duplicate questions come through Some questions we don’t have the answers to yet, but will provide updates as available.

New Belgium Asheville Facebook  Are you on Facebook?  We use this page to provide a heads up when new info is available on this website as well as recognize our partners.

Leaders’ Roundtable 

The Leaders’ Roundtable is a coalition of mission-based neighborhood and business associations-adjacent to the site- with leaders who represent a collective community voice. We have been meeting regularly since July 2012 to work to work through challenges and share information, and the organizations provide information and gather feedback from their members.  The Leaders’ Roundtable minutes and partners are publicly published under the FAQ section of this website under “Stay Informed.” WABA representatives are at all these meeting. If you have specific questions you would like WABA to bring to these meetings, email


When we have updates, we share them with news media and respond when they request interviews, so you may also find information through local media channels.


Toll free number 1-888-598-9552

We record updates that include basic information, as we want the information to remain accurate over a period of time, and the dynamic nature of the project does have things changing.

Neighborhood Letter

In January 2013 we mailed an update letter to businesses and residents within one mile of the site, about 4,000 addresses.  Additional letters will be mailed as major construction milestones are approaching.

Open House

In addition to a July 2012 open house at the Civic Center, New Belgium hosted a West Asheville Open House at Isis Restaurant + Music Hall (thanks Isis!) with community and building partners. While the intent was to share information with the community, it was a challenge because the turnout was so large.  Since then, New Belgium has been attending neighborhood and business association meetings, as possible and invited, to share information in smaller groups.

Seasonal Posters

Seasonal posters are hung at public locations around WAVL that include basic information.

Contact Postcards

New Belgium handed out about 2,000 contact postcards in WAVL between March and June 2013. More will be available prior to the first of the year.


Thanks for your interest!  The best way we’ve found to meet people is to attend community meetings. If you’re a neighbor and interested in talking with us at your next meeting, please contact your neighborhood or business association leaders and request they get in touch to find a time to get together.

If you live within a mile of the site, New Belgium will be mailing you a letter before the first of the year with information and contacts. is reviewed weekly and sent to the appropriate contacts. For those questions that are asked repeatedly such as hiring timeline, we create an FAQ. Please review the FAQs before emailing to see if your question is already answered. Right now we are prioritizing construction and construction communications, and will provide information as it is available.

Leaders’ Roundtable: We’ve been meeting with elected neighborhood and business association leaders for the last 18 months. Get in touch with your association leaders if you have specific questions you’d like them to bring to the table. Those groups include:

River Arts District ArtistsRiver Arts District Business AssociationWest Asheville Business AssociationGreen OpportunitiesEast West Asheville Neighborhood Association, Southside Community Advisory Board, WECANHall Fletcher Neighborhood AssociationAsheville Riverfront Redevelopment Coalition, Livingston Neighborhood, HACA Residents Council, Asheville on Bikes.

Minutes from these meetings are found here

WABA thanks New Belgium Brewing and Pollinate Collaborations for their work in keeping our community informed and engaged. We look forward to having New Belgium Brewing as part of our West Asheville community.

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