The last year and a half has been incredibly stressful and difficult on our community in so many ways including significant impacts to businesses and our local economy. Just over 52% of our total population is fully vaccinated. This means almost one out of every two of us is still unvaccinated, and now with the highly transmissible Delta variant widely circulating throughout communities in North Carolina, we are seeing a significant increase in new cases in Buncombe County. There is substantial spread of COVID in Buncombe County and the level of transmission is rising not only in Buncombe County but also in the counties around us.

This is a time that requires action. Preventing the spread of COVID means keeping businesses open and keeping our families and community safe. There are steps you can take now.

Join us for this engagement opportunity with local public health officials and community leaders as we come together to shut down COVID.


  • Stacie Saunders, Buncombe County Public Health Director
  • Fletch Tove, Buncombe County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Director
  • Dr. Bill Hathaway, Mission Health

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